Panoramic shots well deserved a separate menu entry, at least due to its size. The below is the south part of Dublin and Dublin bay panorama, overlooking from Three Rock. You can see Sandyford, Donnybrook RTE, Ringsend, Howth, Lambay island and more. Just click on the image and you'll see it in detail. The weather and overall seeing weren't great for shooting, some haze and a bit overcast, but resulting image came out quite acceptable. The original size is a little bit over 1GB, so here it is greatly reduced, but still could be loading slow on some machines.

Dublin panorama small


Greystones, County Wicklow - high resolution image with an original size of 2 by 4 meters - clickable.

Greystones (Large)


Also, while browsing through our old images, quite unexpectedly the panoramic shot of late afternoon Radisson SAS St. Helens Hotel in Dublin was found.

Saint Helens small


The grounds of what used to be the Glen Of The Downs golf club in Co. Wicklow as on 2019-Feb-14 - clickable

GlenOfTheDowns small