Hi Folks, welcome to the Frontlens Photography web pages !

My name is Alex, I am a photographer based in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. I've made this website as an alternative solution in sharing some of my photography projects. I hope you like a simple design and although all images are quite downsized every image is available in full resolution upon request. If you are interested in a certain picture and want to have it in full please contact us and I will get in touch with you.

You can probably find this web site a little bit static, as I am not always uploading everything here, however you can track more recent projects on our Facebook profile and you are always welcome to browse through the Frontlens Photography 500px portfolio.

A little note on gear - I am a Nikon user at present, the vast majority of pictures here were made with Nikon D800 camera and various Nikon lenses. However, I am not really sticked to a brand and tend to experiment with anything else occasionally.

All images published on this website are owned exclusively by the Frontlens Photography and while images can be downloaded and used for personal or educational purposes, please make a reference to the Frontlens website where possible. No commercial usage allowed without the permission of the publisher. In the hopefully unlikely event you discover an image which is potentially breaching your privacy please contact us as soon as possible.